What we do

Airmail and airfreight roadtransport

C&G Logistics is the european marketleader when it comes to carry airmail and airfreight in the roads. We ship priority mail between the international sorting centers of postal operators. We also serve the express parcel services, no matter what colour they are.

Inter-company transportation and networks

When normal logistic networks don´t deliver what you need, we are operating a dedicated network for you. We connect laboratories, hospitals, offices or warehouses. We pick up and deliver at whatever time you want us to do so. Your goods need to be cooled, frozen, delivered in the nighttimes or on a sunday? That is our daily business. Well monitored and dedicated to your needs.

Waste management

We take care of the flow of your waste. From a small portion to be loaded at a garage to tens of thousends of household waste. We also return the bed ash after the treatments. You want us to do the loading job? We appecitate to serve with our fleet of loaders.
Our values
Owner-managed for more than 27 years

We started the transportation of cargo in 1994 and founded the C&G Logistics GmbH in 2005. Jan Christe & Rainer Gößwein are the founders, eponym and are in charge of the business since day number one.

Quality and sustainibility

The foundation of our high quality is an open communication. We are learning every day and accept criticism to review our processes and keep aiming at the perfect supplychain.


01. Member of Europe´s 500 Top Growth Companies (IESE)

02. Integration And Employment Of Elderly (Pakt 50) Federal Ministry Of Labour And Social Affairs By Ursula Von Der Leyen
03. C&G Logistics signed the European Road Safety Charter


Our company is certified in many ways

The success of our business is largely dependent on our employees. A regular maintenance of the vehicles is a matter of course for many enterprises. We organize regular trainings for our employees to be able to minimize the failures and to increase the quality.

C&G is procuring vans and trucks in large numbers. Also diesel and lubricants are daily needs. If you want to get in touch with us and discuss how your products and services can support us, please send us an email to 

We mainly operate our transports with our own fleet but we are also supported by contractors.
If you want to operate under our wings, please feel free to contact us at

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